First of all, we are in Early ALPHA stage so a lot of features may not work. Only 400K Websites are listed Which means, depending your Language, You might not find a lot of relevant results.

Which bring me to the Second Point. Anyone can register an account (Top Right, Second Tab, no mail needed it's only for test). Go in their Shelf ( then in the "Add Your Hub" Section you can add, 1 by 1, as much Website you want, don't change any setting and they should be added instantly, if legal.

Third point, still in the Shelf, in the "Feedback" Section, you can Give us your Feedback. Then, just under, after Feedback Sent, you can Delete your Account.

Read Carefully the Fourth point before to use Find-It

Lastly and most importantly, Find-It, as clearly stated, is the opposite of most of Search Engine. Here you come to find New Platform/Website, you add them in your favourites and then, to get their content, you logically go INSIDE These Platforms.

I will take 2 search Examples:

1) "Klupteem"; It's the name of a platform, Being so precise this search have only 1 Purpose find if the platform have been listed. Guess what ? It was not listed. So Find-it will give you 0 (Zero) result. It's completely normal, none other contain this term. Still, if you want your Site to be listed, Fear not, You simply have to follow the previous step mentioned and add it yourself, it should then be instantly added to our DB.

2) "What is the difference between Savvy and Geek ?"; This is typically what Find-It would call "irrelevant". What are we expecting to find here ? "What", "between", "difference" …. Obviously None of this. Because most English platform will contain these terms. And as Said above, Find-It help you first to Find Website and not to answer Questions. With Find-it you will discover Hundred of Hidden Projects, Not definitions …..
Still with this search, what you really want is a DEFINITION. So search "Definition Wiki Encyclopedia" or Even better "Dictionary" (Because we usually find Definition in Dictionaries) and this time you should find internet projects featuring a Dictionary. You will go in and then you will search "Geek" or "Savvy". From their definition you will understand the Difference.

It's like this Find-It Works. We feature World Wide Hubs, Platforms, Projects …. To allow You to find Them. Stimulating Concurrence/Competition, highlighting alternative and allowing every one to have a chance to grow their Site.

At The opposite Other Search Engine spent their whole time to show you results from few sources. Sure they will directly show you the Definition, simply because they reduced the number of Concurrent/Competitors near 0. Ruining little company, creating unemployment, empowering Homelessness ….


Find IT. The Search Engine which can NOT Lie

Find IT Is the opposite of most of SE (Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo ….). While most of them make you waste time searching what you don't want. Hide the way they are ranking platform, giving often a lot of inaccurate result. Or give you the hardest pain to find little Project.

With FINDIT it's YOU who fix the Ranking System

With FINDIT if a result Rank 1 It's because it match your Search, Based on your Setting.

So how does it Work ?

Usually You indicated your terms and then prey a result containing them appear in the middle of the list.

This time it's completly different. Here each hub get a score for each search and It's You who set the scoring system, who indicate how much times your search terms should be counted and how much point they bring to each platform.

From there you simply start the research (and wait a few, being more accurate it take some time) and get an Unbiased list of result solely based on your terms and the scoring system you set.

Then You can order them based on your needs and Finally you get the most accurate list of result you ever saw.

Additionally every members can rate each hub and sort result based on the community rate.

For more details about the whole list of features and how all of this work, check the Help Center;

No domain Authority, No hidden caveat.

A Completely different approach to find Hubs. A Creation (As Always with Tactikast) in the Field of SE

Best overall everyone can specify unlisted hub directly from their account, we automatically add it, and if the research of someone is close of the new listed hub it can RANK 1 just a minute after being added (Obviously, if it do not contain Illegal Content, we are mandatory by laws to remove illegal Platforms).

So if like us your are done with usual SE, Give a Try to FINDIT, You will love it.

Finally We really want to Be constructive, so feel free to give Your Feedbacks. You can simply Register an Account, test it, give us your opinion and, if you don't like, delete your account, that's it.

Wish you A great Journey in this New World we are opening to you.