Alpha Notice
While we are in Alpha several features may not work, and the research itself may still miss a lot of result. This is completely normal, One of the SE Jobs is to Crawl the web (Say differently: index all the platform which are available online, and their content). Unfortunately there are so much Web Site, so much Hub (Millions) that it take some times.

Still, while FINDIT alone keep indexing the web a few more each days, you can help It, in this Gargantuan Task, by adding manually new hubs, you know and like, directly from your account.

As long as the platform is legal it's welcome and can instantly hit First when you search something. Gaming, Tech, Education, Schools, Agriculture, Unknown Project, DIY, Tuto ….

Only the Accuracy of the result matters.

Lastly Everyone can, currently, register an account WITHOUT even a mail. Just a Pseudo, a password and That's it. So do not hesitate to give a Try.